VIRTER and our Partner Security maintains highly trained, armed experienced security professionals who provide threat analysis, security planning strategies and on site personal protection for:

  • Executives and Families
  • Political Leaders
  • Judicial Officials
  • Mid-Level Managers
  • VIP's / Entertainers
  • Attorneys





Executive Protection Planning is a comprehensive, written strategy specially tailored to each executive / corporation. 


It is highly recommended that every corporation conduct a thorough analysis of potential threats of executives, managers, families and "front line" employees. 

Your security is our priority...

In today's business climate a wide variety of possible risks exist as a result of downsizing, rightsizing, employee terminations, employee misconduct, criminal activity (both internal and external) and other such threats. 


To this end, a consultation with the VIRTER and team partners is critical at the onset of your planning and strategy sessions. 


It is unlikely you will experience a potential threat that we have not previously identified and resolved in our past experiences. 


We strongly believe that your personal safety is a function of 90% planning and 10% execution.

Unfortunately there are too many risks out there ...

Our Team receive rigorous, specialized training in security services including patrol, surveillance, investigation, traffic enforcement, firearms and fire safety, and management of emergency situations.


All members undergo an extensive background screening, psychological testing, routine drug testing, and thorough employee performance evaluations.

We Are Your Trusted Advisor...